Scaling WooCommerce

Yes! If that's the answer you are looking for, WooCommerce can scale up to handle thousands of orders per day and a huge product catalog. This is a delicate and meticulous process, which requires skills and experience.

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The Key Concepts

While we would love to provide a "how to scale WooCommerce" checklist, this is not really possible. High volume e-commerce has no one-fits-all formula.
At the same time, our philosophy has principles we believe are always valid:

Each Store has a Story
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If you already searched online for information about scaling WooCommerce, you probably came through suggestions about the webserver, the caching layers, and the best database engine to use. This is all true, but most of the time, not enough! A strong foundation is a minimum requirement, but the store's peculiarities like the traffic, the number of simultaneous carts sessions, the order's volume, and the 3rd parties integrations in place make all the difference.

We understand legacy code
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In an ideal world, you'd have your WooCommerce store implemented at its best from day one! But in real life, we've seen entrepreneurs starting with a minimum viable product, and worrying about scaling at a later step. This is totally understandable and our job is to treat the existing codebase with respect, preserving it when possible, and being as less invasive as possible.

Deeper analysis = Better results
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By analyzing the store key metrics, we are able to identify which ones can be the early bottlenecks and prioritize our implementations to handle them. Building and healthy site is not a trial/error process, but more like a scientific one based on an analysis / planning / development / monitoring cycle. Nothing is left to the case!

We are here to help!

You are one step away to bring your WooCommerce store to the next level. Get in touch with one of these highly vetted Codeable developers and start your journey!

And remember, we only deliver code we are proud of! πŸ€“

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    Marcel Schmitz

    Marcel accumulated a large experience in WooCommerce and e-commerce related websites in general, by developing custom plugins, adjusting themes, implementing full end-to-end online stores.

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    Mike Andreasen
    Denmark / Canada

    Mike lives and breathes WordPress and WooCommerce performance. He provides tailored speed up services for your site on any type of hosting platform: shared, VPS, or dedicated. He has sysadmin and systems engineering skills to provide robust troubleshooting approaches.

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    Francesco Carlucci

    Francesco specializes in enterprise WordPress development and performance-oriented code. Communication, planning, and flexibility are key elements in each project he gets involved in.

    Available from Jun 2021  

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